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Logo's for Triumph are now here at Logos.

Just added some logos from Helmut too.  He's selling a TT600 so check out his profile here.

And he can produce decals, shirts, etc from this type of stuff so go pay a visit. Logos


My contact details are at the bottom.

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REMEMBER: Easiest way to find this page again is to follow the web link on my profile "alx" at  or under the T595 Links page

26 Feb 2013 Updated Valve Shim Clearance Calculator, see link below on 2 Feb03 entry for 2013 version.
2 Feb 03 UPDATE 2013 - Web version completely revised

30 Jan02

FIXED and added Nick Robinson's drawings of making up a shim tool. This is for holding the valve whilst replacing the shim.... saves pulling the camshaft out. Thanks Nick! His details are at T595.

13 Nov01

Also from Nick are plans for welding up paddock stands for front and rear of the Triumphs (Triples and Daytonas).

21 Oct 01

It's my birthday so I've updated photos on my t595 profile. Details on a QuickRelease seat, mesh air grilles and rearcowl storage. Follow this link:

Quick easy mods-Seat Release, Air vent Grille, Rear Cowl



17 Aug

 Added wiring diagrams.



Did you like the Triple Exhaust when loading the page?

Here tis again.


Tickle for Triple Treat


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User Manual for Triumph T509, 595, 955 (Speed Triple and Daytona)


I've scanned and converted the standard Owners Manual to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf format).

With some difficulty as the manual was de-stapled from booklet form and scanned in duplex. Putting a booklet format back together in Acrobat was NOT A PRETTY SIGHT and involved copious quantities of a certain sea-kissed whisky malt from the western isles of fair Scotland.

To open, you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader http://www.adobe.com




Two versions for download:

Note that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) image conversion can produce minor errors in text and numbers.

ie. I won't be responsible for you putting 44 litres of olive oil into your engine!

However I have checked each page fairly closely for any obvious errors.




1) Full manual, all 80 pages, about 1.2Mb (approx. 5 minutes @56kbps)     Download PDF here

2) Maintenance Section, 41 pages (0.7Mb (approx. 2 minutes @56kbps)    Download PDF here



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Wiring Diagram for Triumph T509, 595, 955 (Speed Triple and Daytona)


This is handy to have access to away from the garage. I know! It's saved me already on a trip. Just found the nearest internet cafe :-)

You need both files!




1) Circuit Map (~200kb)        Wiring Circuit Diagram


2) Key to Map (~200kb)        Wiring Key


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Paddock Stands Plans and Valve Holding Tool


Thanks to Nick Robinson at www.t595.net for drawing these up.

Designs for the valve holding tool, and for welding up your own front and rear paddock stands for the single-sided swingarm (SSSA) Triumphs. These are all in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).


1) Valve Tool (8kb)


2) Front Stand (9kb)


3) Rear Stand (~127kb)


4) All above Zipped (~144kb)

All as Zipfile

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Daytona at Tidbinbilla Tracking Station - Tasty!

My profile is alx at www.t595.net


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